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Project Reference: 18_00

Project Type: Residential

Client Type: Private

Approvals Achieved: Notification of a Proposed Larger Home Extension

Local Authority: Haringey

Completed: December 2018

Project Description: Rear extension infill to form large kitchen and family room with large opening into the garden. Inclusion of downstairs toilet and utility area. Full refurbishment of the rest of the property including extending and remodelling the first-floor bathroom.

Project Reference: 18_05

Project Type: Residential & Commercial 

Client Type: Developer

Local Authority: Kensington & Chelsea 

Project Description: Conversion on Sarm Recording Studios chapel and offices into 9 residential flats, 4 mew houses and an independent office building.

Buchanan-Lacey Architects Role: Stephen Buchanan-Lacey has been heavily involved in this project from the planning stage when at his previous practise. When setting up Buchanan-Lacey Architects the developer asked Stephen to remain involved in the project and coordinate the large amount of paperwork required as well as coordinate sign off of statutory requirements.


During completing these works the contractor also employed Buchanan-Lacey Architects to complete a similar role from their side.

Project Reference: 18_11

Project Type: Residential

Client Type: Private

Approvals Achieved: Householder Application for Planning Permission/Certificate of Lawful Development/Large Householder Application

Local Authority: Islington

Project Description: Rear infill extension to Victorian terrace house to form a large kitchen area with level garden access at rear. Dormer extension to add forth bedroom above closet wing. entrance porch.

Buchanan-Lacey Architects Role: Buchanan-Lacey have completed a number of applications on this project to achieve all works that the client required. The process was split, and various types of applications were used. Our involvement also included involvement in contractor discussions and general on-site queries.

Clients Comments: Stephen is great at explaining the complicated process of remodelling a house in a really clear way !!!! He helped us visualise our plans and make important decisions early on in the process.

We have instructed BLA to advise and manage the planning consent process (to do multiple extensions to a Highbury terraced house). We have been pushing to get things moving as quickly as possible and Stephen has been incredible at helping us get the drawings and applications completed quickly and accurately. Stephen has always been readily available to speak/meet to discuss ideas, etc and has been very easy to communicate with. Stephens guidance with regards to party wall surveyors and structural engineers has also been invaluable.

Stephen has also been refreshingly forthcoming and transparent with regards to his fees (and what is included/excluded) and we definitely feel that we have received good value for money.

Project Reference: 18_12

Project Type: Residential

Client Type: Private

Approvals Achieved: Large Householder Application

Local Authority: Haringey 

Project Description: The very first Ask An Architect client!!! The works include a rear infill extension with large feature doors to the rear that’s required planning. Also included were additional internal alterations and reroofing of the entire property with new roof lights installed.

Buchanan-Lacey Architects Role: Buchanan-Lacey Architects have been employed to compile the planning applications and manage the process of the client’s behalf. During this time, we have also advised on the party wall and structural engineers items.

Project Reference: 18_14

Project Type: Residential

Client Type: Private

Approvals Achieved: Householder Application for Planning Permission

Local Authority: Haringey

Project Description: Rear extension to ground floor flat forming a large Family Room and centralised courtyard.

Buchanan-Lacey Architects Role: Buchanan-Lacey Architects were employed to rework a design the client had previously commissioned. The works included giving personalised Architectural input. A planning application was submitted and subsequently approved. Post planning Buchanan-Lacey Architects have been used to discuss construction elements and contractor selection. A contractor is yet to be selected but it is expected that Buchanan-Lacey Architects will be retained as an adviser to the project for the clients peace of mind.

Clients Comments: We're still at the start of our building project (planning a side return extension) but so far Stephen has been very impressive with his knowledge and approach, taking the time to really understand what we are looking for, providing guidance and drawing up detailed plans. We are looking forward to working with him as our project takes shape.

Project Reference: 18_15

Project Type: Residential

Client Type: Private

Project Description: Construction of rear extension, loft conversion and garden office. Full refurbishment throughout the property.